Welfare Party of India will organise nationwide protest against demonetisation of notes


New Delhi
14th November 2016

Welfare Party of India in its Federal Working Committee meeting held at Coimbatore decided to launch nationwide protest against the decision of the Modi government to demonetize 500 and 1000 notes which brought indescribable difficulties to aam admi.

The meeting presided over by national president Dr. SQR. Ilyas castigated the central government for introducing the move claimed to contain corruption and black money in an abrupt and callous manner without much preparation and anticipation of the implications, have caused economic mayhem in the country. Common people, daily labourers, small traders have been hurt the most. Crores of people across the country are being forced to stand for hours in endless queues before banks and ATMs to legalise the valueless paper of 500 and 1000 notes that they earned by hard work. It is nothing but a gimmick of the Modi government’s usual style adopted to divert people’s attention and hide its failures.

The Welfare Party resolution said the people of the nation has the right welfare-party-fwc-against-demonitisationto know how the decommissioning move appeared in newspapers in Gujarat months back and how it was selectively leaked to dear and near ones.

The Party asked the central government to approach the issue from a humane angle and shed its obstinate and fascist stand and allow trading with the old notes till December 30, make sufficient currencies available in banks and ATMs and ease the problems faced by the common men, small traders etc. The Party will launch nationwide protest programmes highlighting the woes of the common people and urging the central government to take immediate and effective remedial measures.

The FWC meeting strongly criticised the NDA government for its evil move to curb the media and creating an emergency like situation. People’s right to know truths and facts is their fundamental right. Branding those who argue with the government or disagree with its policies as anti national and ‘desh drohi’ is highly condemnable.

The FWC demanded the judicial probe announced by the MP government to unearth clouds of confusion and questions being raised surrounding the gunning down of SIMI activities, accused of jail break from the high security Bhopal jail to be conducted under the scanner of the Supreme Court. While conveying deep condolence to the family of the deceased guard Sri Ramashankar Yadav, allegedly killed by the jail breakers, the resolution wanted to clear the doubt whether he was genuinely killed on duty or murdered by someone for someone else.

FWC also demanded that the officers on suspicious radars should be suspended and ensured that they are not interfering in the investigation process. The compensation amount declared for the security guard should also be announced for the victims of the false encounter.

Ever since NDA government came to power, atrocities against Dalits and minorities are on increase. The government machinery failed in strictly enforcing protection guaranteed to SC/STs under constitution. Human Rights Commission, SC/St commission, Minorities Commission etc have become almost toothless and are inactive. Welfare Party of India demands the government to protect and safeguard the interests of Minorities, Dalits, Adivasis, Women and minorities like other citizens of the country.

The working committee expressed its deep anxiety over many of the steps of the central government leading to setback to the federal structure of the country. Direct involvement of national investigation agencies is interference in the law and order of the states.

Abolition of Planning Commission and formation of Niti Ayog will lead to non-evaluation of the plan every year. The resolution demanded to continue the existing provision of SC/ST sub plans to continue and revoke its abolishment and extend the same provision to minority sub plans also. The meeting was attended by general secretaries PC.Hamsa and Shafi madani, secretaries A.Subramani, Ambujakshan and Sheema Mohsin and members from various states.

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